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Technical Support

Technical Support

Solutions to Be Safe
Computer Security

Computer Security

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IT Audit

IT Audit

Solutions to Feel Safe

Audit the safe step to take advantage of the best IT practices.

Our success, an exclusive methodology based on a proven method of prevention.

Help Desk

Increased efficiency and productivity

A help desk can help employees get answers to their questions and solve problems faster, reducing the amount of time they spend searching for information or trying to solve problems on their own. This can allow employees to focus on their tasks more efficiently and productively with our IT services.

Enhance your reputation

Customer satisfaction:

Keptos can help you improve customer satisfaction by providing a fast and efficient support channel to resolve problems or answer questions. By offering high quality customer service, companies can increase customer loyalty and enhance their reputation with our IT services.

Reducing the number of repeated problems

Better data management

We can help a company manage and track customer inquiries and issues, allowing them to identify trends and improve their services over time. This can lead to a more efficient and effective support process, reducing the number of repeat issues and improving overall customer satisfaction with our IT services.

Improve resource allocation

Cost savings

We offer a proven methodology for reducing the costs associated with IT services and streamlining processes. This can reduce staffing requirements and improve resource allocation.

Keptos in America

Our Service Coverage

We provide services in Spanish, English and French in the Americas, which allows us to understand the IT environment in each sector.

For Europe and Asia we offer advanced services in English and Spanish.

They trust us

Keptos the favorite choice of international companies

International Companies

Keptos stands out as the preferred choice of international companies for the management of IT services in their subsidiaries. Our ability to communicate and implement international standards, combined with our unique ability to anticipate and solve local problems, positions us as a key strategic partner in the global business world. With Keptos, companies get IT solutions tailored to their global and local needs, ensuring efficiency and success in their operations.

Keptos Farma


At Keptos, we understand the importance of long-term relationships in the pharmaceutical industry.

With more than 15 years of experience collaborating with clients in this industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for IT services.

Our dedication to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships is key to our success and that of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Keptos Legal


Law firms choose Keptos for their IT service needs, highlighting our competence in supporting digital transformation and implementing international standards. Our expertise in anticipating and managing cybersecurity challenges makes us an indispensable ally for the legal sector. At Keptos, we understand the unique demands of legal firms and offer solutions that promote secure and efficient digital transformation while maintaining integrity and confidentiality.

Success Stories

Technology company that offers a wide range of services including branded content, advertising, content creation and distribution, e-commerce and marketing services. Its innovative approach and ability to connect with digital audiences has made it a major player in the global digital media and entertainment sector.

Luxury Cosmetics Prestigious independent French company for skin care, hair care and perfumery. Recognized worldwide for the high quality of its products, it is characterized by the efficacy of its natural active ingredients and a remarkable sensoriality, aspects that have regularly won international awards.

Pharmacy and Dermocosmetics Company noted for its dual expertise, focusing on a comprehensive approach to care that includes prevention, treatment and accompaniment in areas such as skin care, hair care, oral hygiene, cancer treatment and chronic diseases.

A diplomatic institution that plays a crucial role in strengthening political, commercial and cooperative relations, it not only focuses on diplomacy and trade, but also plays an active role in humanitarian aid. In addition, it is dedicated to strengthening political cooperation between peoples.

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