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ITIL Consulting

By applying ITIL best practices, you aim to improve processes and service delivery in your organisation. 

ITIL is an IT service management oriented best practice, which aims to increase the Value (Benefit) that customers perceive when acquiring one or more services, in order to improve the Return on Investment (ROI) that organisations make.

Our consultancy service focuses mainly on the design and implementation of the following processes:

  •   Strategic I.T. Planning
  •   I.T. Indicator Management
  •   Maturity level assessment, among others.
  •   Definition of a Portfolio of Services.
  •   Service Level Agreements / Operational Level Agreements.
  •   Supplier Management Process.
  •   Best practices for Service Desk.

How does it work?

  • Schedule diagnostic session with our team of consultants (Gap Analysis)
  • Know the results of your initial process assessment, in order to establish the work plan (number of hours, number of consultants needed, days of work and other details that may be necessary).
  • Our team of consultants will accompany and guide your organisation to implement the corresponding improvements (Here the working sessions with our team of consultants will be executed).
  • After a stage of hard work, our team of consultants will make a final evaluation, to verify the new state of your organisation's processes (Analysis of the results of the consultancy).


Which companies need it?

Any organisation that involves the delivery of services: This set of best practices is ideal for adoption in any type of organisation seeking to align IT strategy with business strategy, ensuring the delivery of value to the customer.

There are no restrictions: Regardless of whether your organisation is public or private in nature, and regardless of industry sector, ITIL can be tailored to what your organisation's processes need to improve service delivery.

Who does it?

The initial diagnosis, accompaniment, guidance and final evaluation of your organisation's processes will be carried out by our team of consultants who have the knowledge, certifications and experience for the consultancy your organisation needs.

In general our consultants have extensive knowledge in service management, process implementation and auditing, senior management, teamwork.

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We provide service at a national and international level, which allows us to understand the IT environment in each sector, and thus, meet the specific needs of each user.

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At Keptos we are specialists in secure administration and operation of information systems, experts in migration, integration and support of CLOUD systems. Pioneers in the sector with more than 10 years of experience.

We optimise world-class methods, tools, processes and intellectual capital to create high levels of service. Our outstanding IT professionals and our ability to leverage intellectual capital have made us one of the most respected IT companies in the industry.