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Feeling Safe

In a world where new thieves steal information from your couch. A world full of complicated surprises where lock-down, security, reliability are of every moment.

Keptos has the expertise you are looking for.

Keptos is a company specialized in IT audits.

By investing in an audit of your IT infrastructure, you are protecting and improving your ability to serve your customers and maintain your success.

To feel secure and make the right decisions, to make: savings, investments and reforms.

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Computer Auditing

Avoid unnecessary risks

Businesses need a reliable IT infrastructure to feel secure.

An IT Audit helps to have a solid and reliable IT infrastructure that is essential to support the various tasks and processes that companies carry out in their daily activities. Here are some reasons why a reliable IT infrastructure is essential.

Cyber-Security: For your security and peace of mind Keptos identifies and provides up-to-date solutions to protect confidential information.

Main Points:

Personally identifiable information

Financial information

Intellectual property information

Customer information

Employee information

Operational and strategic information

Access credentials

Network and systems data

Legal and compliance information

Internal and external communications

IT Audit helps them protect this data from unauthorized access, cyber-attacks and data breaches, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

So that you feel more secure.

Feeling Safe

Cost Control: IT Audit will help you validate whether you are spending too much or too little in the following directions.

Main Points:

Hardware: servers, computers, mobile devices, network devices and peripherals.

Software: operating systems, business applications, security software and licenses.

Networking and connectivity: cabling, switches, routers, firewalls and Internet access.

Storage and backup: storage devices, cloud solutions and backup systems.

Security: antivirus software, intrusion detection systems and encryption solutions.

Data centers and hosting: costs of construction, maintenance and operation of data centers or external hosting services.

Cloud services: subscriptions to infrastructure services, platform or software as a service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Support and maintenance: support contracts, hardware and software upgrades and repairs.

Energy and cooling: electricity costs and cooling systems to keep the IT infrastructure running efficiently.

Training and staffing: IT staff recruitment, training and retention costs.

So that you feel more secure.

Disaster Recovery: Keptos IT Audit will help you validate whether your disaster recovery plan (DRP) protects you from unforeseen events that can cause major disruptions to your operations and ultimately threaten the viability of your business.

Main Points:

  1. Minimize downtime:
  2. Protect your reputation:
  3. Reduces financial losses
  4. Complies with industry regulations and standards
  5. Safeguard your data and intellectual property

Implementing a Disaster Recovery plan can involve a significant investment in time and resources. However, we believe it is a worthwhile investment.

So that you feel more secure.


Remote work: An Unchecked Risk - As remote working has become more common in recent years, it is essential to audit and assess the efficiency and security of policies and practices in this area. A remote work IT audit will enable you to:

Main Points:

  1. Ensure productivity: Evaluate the performance of remote employees and determine if the company's objectives and expectations are being met.
  2. Maintain information security: Verify that appropriate security protocols are followed to protect confidential information and prevent data breaches.
  3. Comply with regulations and laws: Ensure that our remote work practices are in compliance with applicable labor laws and regulations.
  4. Optimize communication and collaboration: Identify areas for improvement in communication and collaboration between remote and on-site employees.
  5. Increase employee satisfaction: Assess the work-life balance of remote employees and address any challenges they may face.

Performing a remote work IT audit will enable you to identify and address potential problems, thus ensuring an efficient, secure and productive work environment for all employees.

So that you feel more secure.

The benefits of Keptos IT Audits

Performing an audit will allow you to save considerable time. In fact, you will be able to anticipate the various problems resulting from technical or other errors. Thanks to the audit, your infrastructure will have an up-to-date diagnosis and you will be able to compare yourself more easily with the current competition in your sector of activity. It is also an advantage for carrying out the necessary application updates, which generally address security vulnerabilities.

The IT audit allows you to ensure that your company complies with the legislation in force. In case of sale, transfer, merger with another company or other IT transition, the audit will facilitate these procedures to better adapt the actions to be taken. The IT audit also includes a security audit. This makes it possible to verify the state of the network, whether it is well protected and to ensure that all IT operations remain internal and are not disclosed on the Internet to compromise the company.

What are the aspects covered by the IT audit? Several points of the IT infrastructure are analyzed:

  • Technical Aspects
  • Human aspects
  • Organizational aspects

The IT audit will essentially focus on these three points. The technical aspects concern the status of the IT system and everything related to it, including security: hardware, servers, internal/external networks, workstations, applications used... The human aspects will focus on the quality of human resources management, as well as on the study of the customer's needs and expectations. Finally, the organizational aspect concerns the feasibility of the project.

The Keptos methodology is based on its experience of more than 30 years in the field to accompany you throughout the IT audit. We intervene in the following stages:

  • Elaboration and validation of scope of conditions
  • Completion of the consultation file
  • Analysis of proposals and summary report
  • Assistance in the selection of the most suitable solutions for the needs.

Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you, in order to follow your evolutions, respond to your needs and provide you with quality support in the necessary changes to be implemented. Are you interested in our auditing service?

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At Keptos we are specialists in secure administration and operation of information systems, experts in migration, integration and support of CLOUD systems. Pioneers in the sector with more than 10 years of experience.

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