What is ITIL

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of best practices for IT service management that focuses on aligning IT services with business needs.

Here are some key advantages of ITIL:

  1. Business and IT alignment: Helps to better align IT services and operations with business goals and objectives. This facilitates greater understanding and communication between IT and other business functions.
  2. IT Service Quality Improvement: Provides a framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services that focus on quality and customer value.
  3. Effective risk management: Organizations can identify and manage risks more effectively, thereby avoiding service disruption and lost productivity.
  4. Cost reduction: By providing a framework for standardization and continuous improvement, ITIL can help reduce operational costs and increase efficiency in IT operations.
  5. Improved decision making: Provides guidelines for the collection, analysis and use of data and information to improve decision making and strategic planning.
  6. Ability to manage change effectively: Provides a structured framework for change management and implementation, helping organizations to adapt and respond more quickly to changes in the business and technology environment.

In short, ITIL can help organizations improve the quality and efficiency of their IT services, while aligning them more closely with business needs and objectives.

Keptos is a leader in Mexico and Latin America in the use of ITIL.

  1. Team experience and skills: Keptos has a team of experienced and highly trained ITIL professionals, which allows them to offer a high level of experience and expertise.
  2. Focus on ITIL practice: Keptos has focused specifically on the implementation and use of ITIL.
    1. Adaptation to the local market: Keptos, being based in Mexico and having experience in Latin America, has a unique understanding of the specific needs and challenges of these markets. This allows them to adapt and apply ITIL practices in a way that is particularly relevant and effective.

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