Changes and technological evolution

They have transformed the way we work over the last decade.

Today the same user requires different devices to work regardless of location, the internet, the constant development of mobile devices and the innovation of cloud services have driven remote working styles,

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is Microsoft's cloud-based solution, which allows companies to develop a mobility strategy for their employees, without the IT department compromising control and security.


  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Rights Management

Hybrid Identity and Access Control:

Get a strong identity through easy management via the cloud, and in sync with your on-premises infrastructure with Microsoft Azure AD Premium:

  • Adopt a self-service scheme where the user can manage their own passwords and install applications and reduce the burden on the technical support department.
  • Increased security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) options.
  • Single sign-on and group-based provisioning for over 1000 SaaS applications.
  • Get automatic security reports for threat detection and monitoring.
  • Efficient capabilities for synchronisation in local directories and in the cloud.

Mobile Device and Application Management:

Windows Intune provides a cloud-based management service that helps keep the computers and mobile devices used by members of your organisation secure and monitored.

  • Manage mobile applications on different devices.
  • Get extensive technical support for Windows, Windows Phone, Apple iOS and Android devices.
  • Selective scanning of applications and data for greater security.

Protection of information:

  • Enables protection of information in the cloud or in a hybrid model with existing on-premises infrastructure.
  • Integrate into native applications with an easy-to-use SDK


Increased productivity:

Get more productivity for your organisation and teams through a wide range of devices with the business applications they require.

Unify the IT environment:

Achieve a unified identity on-premises and in the cloud, with robust capabilities that enable end-to-end management of your users' mobile devices.

Increased protection and security:

Protect the data your organisation's users generate through a comprehensive set of data protection and access control capabilities.

  • It improves efficiency and reduces complexity.
  • Protects sensitive information on your computers and mobile devices.
  • Security on corporate or employee-owned devices, get an environment that includes comprehensive updating and policy management.
  • Empower your users without excessive costs
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