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Cloud Servers

The service of Servers "Cloud" Serversallows you to have servers in data centres, instead of having them in your own facilities (on-premise).

If your company counts:

With a Data Centre, and seeks flexibility to deploy more IT resources without risking its long-term investments

At Keptos, you will finda tailor-made solution, as we offer solutions for:

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

What is the Cloud?

In general terms, the Cloud is understood as technologies that enable users to consume services, paying only for what they consume.

The characteristics of these services are scalability, which refers to the ability to grow or shrink the characteristics of the infrastructure, and elasticity, which refers to the ability to quickly adjust and deploy solutions to the particular needs of the organisation.

Competitive advantages of Cloud services vs. on-premises infrastructure.

  • Low initial cost
  • Immediate service availability
  • Disaster back-up plan
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • High availability
  • Access from anywhere
  • Latest software versions without the need to manage updates

Types of Cloud

Private Cloud
  • If the customer's business information is critical, or if the customer's concern is to enforce security and confidentiality policies.
  • If the company needs autonomy in the service and requires total freedom to modify the security policies for the data.

For these needs, the private cloud is the best option.

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Public Cloud
  • In the public cloud, security rules are more generic than in the private cloud, leading to cost advantages and greater scalability.
  • All clouds should offer efficiency and scalability, but in the public cloud the benefits are greater.
  • Therefore, a company can maximise its efficiency by using Public Cloud services for all non-critical operations.
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Hybrid Cloud
  • What is important when consuming cloud services is not that a private cloud is better than a public cloud, but in many cases, it is suggested to make use of both modalities to benefit from their features for your specific business needs.
  • Therefore, an organisation can optimise its efficiency to the maximum by using Private Cloud services for all critical operations and only resort to the Public Cloud when it is really necessary, ensuring that all platforms are seamlessly integrated.
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Some of our fields of expertise in the Cloud are the implementation and/or integration of Servers: Active Directory - Files - SQL - Exchange - Files - VPN site to Cloud, Federation services, Office 365, Integration with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud.

At Keptos we specialise in

In offering quality and providing the best service in Technological Infrastructure.

Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud, collaboration between different Cloud providers or any need our customers may have.

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Our Service Coverage

We provide service at a national and international level, which allows us to understand the IT environment in each sector, and thus, meet the specific needs of each user.

About Keptos

At Keptos we are specialists in secure administration and operation of information systems, experts in migration, integration and support of CLOUD systems. Pioneers in the sector with more than 10 years of experience.

We optimise world-class methods, tools, processes and intellectual capital to create high levels of service. Our outstanding IT professionals and our ability to leverage intellectual capital have made us one of the most respected IT companies in the industry.