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IT Management & IT Consulting Keptos

Using our processes and tools, Keptos helps your organisation to respond to current needs, plan and strategise for the future of your business.

Our team of IT professionals will do the following:

  • Analyse your business goals and project objectives.
  • Build an IT strategy aligned with your business.
  • Produce an IT investment cost analysis.
  • Create a work plan to implement these solutions.


We assess, detect the needs and challenges facing your business (from all angles: financial, functional, technical and business), and compare them with your goals and expectations. The work plan is adjusted to your budgetary needs.

How to make the most of IT management?

Our consultants deliver completely unbiased technology recommendations and an investment plan that is aligned with best practices in your industry.

By integrating with your team, our goal is to create a strategy that incorporates best practices, products and support solutions into your business so you can create a more efficient, cost-effective, maintainable and focused IT environment.

Keptos in America

Our Service Coverage

We provide service at a national and international level, which allows us to understand the IT environment in each sector, and thus, meet the specific needs of each user.

About Keptos

At Keptos we are specialists in secure administration and operation of information systems, experts in migration, integration and support of CLOUD systems. Pioneers in the sector with more than 10 years of experience.

We optimise world-class methods, tools, processes and intellectual capital to create high levels of service. Our outstanding IT professionals and our ability to leverage intellectual capital have made us one of the most respected IT companies in the industry.