Satellite link at fiber optic speed

Keptos offers proven solutions for integrating Starlink* into your business.

Solutions for Starlink

Executive Summary:

  •  We are proud to be the first to offer our customers in Mexico Starlink* for businesses: a fully integrated 100 to 200 MB/s satellite Internet connection solution.
    Can be used
    - as a backup solution to a fiber optic link.
    - As a primary solution for business units.
    - In case of catastrophe
    - In the most remote locations
  • And now in vehicles.
  • Keptos guarantees an optimal installation at the best cost for your offices, companies, factories, hospitals or homes.
  • Satellite Antenna
    WiFi Modem
  • Options
    Site Survey
    Antenna Pole
    Cable extension
    Wifi Mesh Starlink
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Everything from Backup, plus:
WiFi Mesh Pro

Electrical Backup
Electrical Protection
Physical Ground

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Everything from Pro, plus:
Multi internet links
Fiber optic interconnection

External interconnection
Protection Plus
Special projects

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* Note: Keptos offers Starlink system integration services for business, health and safety needs. Keptos and Starlink are independent companies, and neither Keptos nor Starlink assumes any responsibility for the other. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For legal inquiries, please contact


Best Prices

  • Satellite service costs are charged directly by Starlink 55 USD.
  • Location analysis 120 USD
  • Additional equipment available through Amazon ie: UPS, Meshs, Balancer, etc.
  • Consulting fees 90 USD/h
Keptos in America

Our Service Coverage

We provide services in Spanish, English and French in the Americas, which allows us to understand the IT environment in each sector.

For Europe and Asia we offer advanced services in English.


About Keptos

At Keptos we are specialists in secure administration and operation of information systems, experts in migration, integration and support of CLOUD systems. Pioneers in the sector with more than 10 years of experience.

We optimise world-class methods, tools, processes and intellectual capital to create high levels of service. Our outstanding IT professionals and our ability to leverage intellectual capital have made us one of the most respected IT companies in the industry.