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Microsoft and Keptos offer you the benefits of deploying System Center in your organisation, get unified management of your on-premises, service provider and Microsoft Azure environments which, by definition, supports the addition of Microsoft Cloud OS.

System Center

It offers a set of new and improved features.

  • Application-oriented: Eases the workload between Windows Server and Microsoft Azure, delivers predictable line-of-business application services, and provides detailed information and diagnostics on .NET and Java applications.
  • Enterprise: Better management for the Windows Server environments in which you run your critical applications. Integrates the experience and expertise needed to optimise performance and availability with Microsoft's own workloads such as Exchange, SQL and SharePoint.
  • Simple and cost-effective: Simplify your deployment with service templates and runbooks for System Center components. Add functionality to your existing management tools, through web service interfaces and integration packs.


Better Infrastructure

Reliable, cost-effective automation that boosts operational efficiency and allows you to manage virtual environments, in the cloud and is fully compatible with other platforms such as Windows Server.

Infrastructure Supervision

It provides Windows Server monitoring and robust cross-platform monitoring support, and helps maintain the health of the cloud, physical and virtual infrastructure.


Use service templates for rapid provisioning of applications and workloads; Deploy a scalable infrastructure with multiple virtual machines.

Performance monitoring

System Center guarantees service level agreements for line-of-business applications and provides detailed information about them.

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