How to enhance your work with ChatGPT in English

With certain extensions, ChatGPT can help as a multitasking assistant to save time in your daily life. Some see it as a substitute for Google because it not only masters the written language but also very advanced concepts from writing a simple letter, to making the table of contents of a book or the strategy of a sales team.

ChatGPT Writer for writing e-mails

This extension shows the writing abilities of the OpenAI AI. In effect, ChatGPT Writer allows you to respond to emails with a particularly professional tone. The extension works autonomously, just specify the context to ChatGPT. It then automatically composes the email as needed and even leaves areas with information to be filled in that it cannot generate.

WebChatGPT for accessing the latest information on the Internet

ChatGPT has one major drawback: its knowledge base ends in 2021. With WebChatGPTthis problem is largely solved. This extension connects the AI to the Internet so that it can provide the latest results found on the web. It also determines the time period in which ChatGPT should search for information. As an added bonus, it cites the sources of the data it has found.

DALL-E: to create images

Capable of generating images from text. It is one of the AIs that started this image generation revolution. DALL-E is very useful for generating images in a report, an e-mail or a presentation.

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    Honestly, I find it much more useful that the chat helps me to do the many tasks I have pending to do....

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