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We are looking for committed professionals, passionate about their work, willing to contribute to provide the best customer experience and quality of service.

As one of the companies with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, we offer people like you, with talent, integrity, who like challenges and have respect for the individual in mind, are looking for a career development, Keptosis your way.

We foster talent through training and seek mutual growth.



Talent Attraction

We are looking for professionals who are passionate about technology. We are convinced that our value lies in the experience, commitment and potential of our collaborators.



Our employment proposals are committed to contributing to improving the quality of life of our employees, offering them opportunities for ongoing personal and professional development. At Keptos we promote equal opportunities for all, and inclusion in the workplace is one of our most important values.


On - Boarding

We offer a complete integration process for our new recruits, sharing our philosophy, values and culture, making them feel part of our big family.


Development Plan

We believe in the talent of our employees!
We live in a learning and updating work environment where we offer opportunities for constant development through teamwork and positive competition with specialised programmes for such development.



We recognise the culture of leadership, hard work, dedication and self-improvement of each of our employees.



We generate valuable connections that go beyond a professional relationship.

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